Slave fitness

I am my Master’s most prized possession, and as such, I am expected to take very good care of myself – my hair, makeup and nails should always be done to a high standard, and I must always be healthy and fit.  My fitness is important, as I must have the physical strength and stamina to endure the most extreme situations He puts me in.  I have a strict exersize regime that I stick to, but not all slavegirls take such pride in their appearance as I do.

Chubby slut Nimue is one such slave.  She is overweight and weak, not able to hold the stress positions her Owner insists she hold, and he decides to test her to see just how unfit the bitch has allowed herself to get.

slave in forced exercise

The real life slavegirl is unable to perform the forced exercise routine she is put through, and recieves more and harder punishments for her failure.  Pulled into an uncomfortable position with harsh nipple clamps, candles underneath her fat arse burn and she knows the consequences of breaking position.

nipple pain domination

Kinky amateur Nimue then holds herself into position as her pale skin is burnt with candle wax.  Her sobs and screams can be heard all around, but she must take her extreme bdsm punishment until her Master decides she has taken enough.  Then maybe this bbw submissive will learn her lesson and get her overweight body down to the gym.

stress position candle wax

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